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Next Generation Threat Intelligence and Analytics, IT consulting business

 Built on Lucene based technology, 

Avsentia IllumiSensors provide the ability to scale your security solution

Detect, Defend, and Notify

We leverage massive world-wide aggregated Threat Intelligence data to defend every device on your network. 

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Cloud version of the IllumiSensor


Try the Cloud version of the IllumiSensor on us 30 days for free. Coming soon will be a stand alone version for your personal PC protection.  Contact us today for a Linux version. A compatible MS Windows version is in the works.

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Insider Threat Detection


Security Governance


Risk Management




IT/OT Cyber Security


Validated Threat Intelligence


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Need to achieve GDPR compliance?

Our Big Data Platform provides a way to search and examine through large data sets to quickly get strings of text, pdf's, or any subset of data captured to find personal data that has been collected. We can help not only to protect your data,  but to ensure that your company is able to comply with GDPR. 

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Managed Solutions


Let us take the guesswork out.

  • Avsentia IllumiSensors provide the ability to scale your security solution to the size of your business.   
  • Provides a multi-tenant architecture that enables us to manage multiple clients from a single instance in a solution that is easily customized to address unique customer challenges.
  • The console, sensors and optional big data platform allows us to monitor and protect every single connected device on the network. Using sinkhole DNS and RPZ zones to effectively stop hacking activity and break the chain of an infection. 
  • Let us monitor your IllumiSensor's. Our Security Analyst's can take the guess work out of providing your company with Cyber Security.


Cyber Security Solutions


               We don't just monitor for IT Threats. We disrupt them!

  • There is never enough time to search for threats.  
  • However, the easy to use IllumiSensor console displays threats that have been disrupted, and provides up to the minute information.
  • The IllumiSensor protects your organization from millions of Indicator's of Compromise and unknown malicious Threats.
  •  These signatures provide active validated threat intelligence. 
  • By leveraging the massive aggregated world-wide data from the Malware Information Sharing Platform by (Jigsaw Security Enterprise- Hampton Roads Emerging Cyber Security Product of the Year Award 2018) the IllumiSensor protects your organization from millions of validated threat's. 
  • As soon as a threat is seen at one organization and entered, that information is pushed to your IllumiSensors at your location or ours within minutes in near real time to protect not only your investment, but your  companies reputation. 


Cloud Data Management


Protect Data from Cyber Threats

  •  Cloud Backup and Recovery for Servers and Applications
  •  Disaster Recovery As a Service (DRAAS)
  •  Multi Cloud Data SAAS
  •  Backup and Recovery Service - (Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, SalesForce…)
  •  Backup and Recovery solutions for Enterprise Databases
  •  Test and Development Acceleration 
  •  Business Continuance
  •  Compliance 

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Phishing attacks, ransomware?

  • The IllumiSensor utilizes aggregated worldwide sourced intel data from Jigsaw Security’s Malware Information Sharing Platform, and provides up to the minute active validated threat intelligence data to disrupt these attacks and stop  them in their tracks. These Intel sources are from active intelligence (Indicator's Of Compromise) that have been observed (actionable data) in client’s environments from around the world. This leading edge next generation Threat Intel Platform gives us the competitive edge.

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Malware Information Sharing Platform

What set's the IllumiSensor Apart from our Competitors?

  • Ease of use
  • Low cost
  • Highly effective in disrupting threats before hand
  • Low false positives
  • Easy integration through open API's
  • Fast easy setup
  • We protect every device on your network
  • We protect your email from Phishing Attacks
  • We protect against Advanced Persistent Threats
  • We protect against the spread of infections
  • We protect your organization from malicious websites
  • We protect your organizations reputation

We don't just monitor threats, we disrupt them!

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