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Next Generation Threat Intelligence and Analytics, IT consulting business

Learn about the IllumiSensor's  advanced DNS Server and its ability to detect, disrupt and prevent malicious threat's today. Enterprise ready affordable, intelligence driven solutions for cloud backup and recovery, cloud storage for SAAS, application development, and SLA and Compliance requirements.

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Enterprise Ready Cyber Security and Cloud Data Management

Advanced DNS Server


  • IllumiSensor -  il·lu·mi·nate (synonym: throw light on)
    (Advanced DNS and Sensor Platform with Analytics) 
  • The IllumiSensor is a proactive Defensive Cyber Security tool that does more than just monitor malicious threats.
  • The sensor is designed to run on our appliance or your DNS server, and will pick up any indicators on your network from our threat intelligence feed. 
  • Added protection of Heuristic detection of new and unidentified threats 
  • Extremely low false positive rates
  • Disrupt Threats (Walled Garden, Disruption of email Phishing attacks)
  • Detect New Threats
  • Crowdsource Intel
  • Domain Generation Algorithm Detection
  • Non-Existant Domain Detection
  • Killchain Disruption
  • Prevention of Malware and Viruses
  • Agentless
  • Lower cost than competition, they detect whereas we prevent and notify
  • Email Alerting of Outbreaks
  • Works with all commercial vendors to include Crowdstrike, SecureWorks, Recorded Future, DHS AIS and CISCP data
  • One console monitors many locations or clients
  • MSSP Supported and Approved
  • RPZ DNS Protection

IT Support Solutions


  •  Threat Intelligence Platform and Data – Provides information on malware, attackers, malicious Internet activity, etc.
  • Big Data Platform  - Provides a way to search and examine large data sets quickly to get actionable intelligence out of massive amounts of data. 
  • We can integrate virtually any web based application with the Analytic Platform, and we have the ability to add third party applications (such as Graylog).
  • Big Data Platform - Provides a way to search and examine through large data sets to get strings of text, pdf's, video, or any subset of data captured. Find personal data that has been collected to be in compliance with GDPR.
  • Solution Providers
  • Application Development
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup and Recovery


  • Are you prepared for the potential of data corruption or unexpected malicious activity? Affordable, and Intelligence driven cloud backup and data recovery.
  • Address data Recovery Point and Time needs to meet your organizations SLA's, and compliance requirements.
  • Asking what happened, and "how" after the fact shouldn’t be the standard for an organization’s IT. 
  • DRAAS (15 minute cutover)
  • Office 365 Exchange Backup and Recovery
  • SharePoint/OneDrive Backup
  • SalesForce Backup
  • G Suite Backup
  • Box Backup
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • AWS
  • Applications
  • Databases
  • VMWare
  • MSP Partnerships available

Flexible Integration


 The MISP has a multitude of API’s that make the customization of Intel data incredibly flexible. In addition, the platform is TAXII and STIX compatible, and the platform has the ability to export data in the STIX format (XML and JSON).

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